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" when you buy puppies,we make sure they are healthy and perfectly fine.May god forbid,but in case your puppy suffers death within two years and the reason is genetic, we would replace that puppy with another one.Yes, it is very hard to let go,once some becomes a part of your family thats's why it is always good to have healthy pets around you.All this process will be looked by our experts dedicated team only when a licensed veterianrian will certify the cause of death.

All the puppies that we hand over to you are properly vaccinated in regular intervals of times so you need not vaccinate him/her for at least 10 days following your purchase.We will also provide you a guide to understand how we take care of vaccination process and the diet of the puppies.Having said that, anything related to spaying will not get covered under the guarantee segment. If a puppy dies due to genetics at the age of 10 or more, and you buy another puppy from us, you would get a discount of 70% only when the death would be certified by a licensed veterinarian.